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About the Author - Ronald Brooks

Ron Brooks is an innovative story teller. Many stories have germinated in his head during his many decades of interacting with associates of every scientific, religious, and commercial background, even a Nobel laureate.

Those people and their diverse panorama of thoughts have provided him with the unique persective, he uses to develop novels and short stories. Stories that often contain a little science fiction, a little mystery, a little technology, possibly even a little religion. No matter the mix, his 'page-turning' stories always provide an interesting perspective on a variety of topics, concluding with an unanticipated outcome.

An early question he comtemplated became the basis of his first novel, "Prophet Motive."

In college, he suggested to a friend that if he could open his buddy's brain and look around inside, he could tell him exactly what he was going to do or say next. Maybe, in reality that could never happen, but the thought rumbled around in Mr. Brooks’ head for years until he decided to use it as the basis for his first novel.

His second book is based upon a special type of speculative fiction, known as "What-If." What if something is perfectly designed, can it still fail? In "The Invisible Me", he explores exactly that.

His third book presents a world where men are initially shamed into social extinction and eventually genetically destroyed. After all, the "Cancel Culture" concept can be so sinister that it may even lead to the destruction of an entire gender. A gender that is considered more destructive to peace than valuable. What happens when society evaluates the cost-benefit ratio of what males bring to the world, especially when they are no longer needed for reproduction. A group of politically active woman do just that in "Project Gendercide". Could this be the future of humanity. Well, maybe, maybe not.

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